Promotec Italy

manufactures electronic deposit lockers for banks,public places,Trade Fairs,
changing dressing rooms.
Useful in gyms,swimming pools,hospitals,shopping malls,SPA...
The product range consists of various types and sizes.
Of small dimensions:

Minibox, Cash and Case lockers excellent also as safe deposit boxes
secured by combination codes without keys.

Of medium-large dimensions:

SafeLaminato metal cabinet lockers suitable for storage of backpacks, helmets

Optimal for Universities, Libraries, Sports Centers, Aquatic and Amusement Parks

Promotec also produces the following lockers:

Maxibox (steel metal lockers) useful for Universities and Libraries

And for Railway Stations with special modules able to store suitcases

or at the entrance of Banks to store clients personal belongings

In Atam Points to manage and guard daily cash collections.

Our lockers can be found in Spain as “taquillas electronicas”,
in Germany as "elektronische schliessfaecher" and in United Kingdom as “cabinet boxes".

Among the latest innovations our new models for camping and hostels,
with an internal electrical outlet for charging cell phones.